Back to School Tips

10 Tips for a Smooth Start to the 2019-2020 School Year
Smooth StartThe back to school sales are everywhere and your home will soon be overwhelmed with papers that need to be filled out and returned. As you prepare for the new school year, find some extra helpful tips here.

Tips for the Best Back to School Year Ever!

1) Enjoy school shopping with your child. Sometimes this can be a battle when parents and children disagree but try to relax and enjoy the time together. 

2) Celebrate back to school with a party! Host a back to school party for school friends of all ages. Fun games involving water balloons, races, music, and food are fun for kids (and parents) of all ages. Pizza and one or two silly school supplies for everyone in attendance would be appreciated, also! 

3) When all the busyness of school hits, it is nice to have some planned family time. Play an old school board game or watch a family movie together to wrap up the end of the first week.

4) Take time to prepare your anxious children for school. Take a tour of the school and go over pick up and drop off to help your child prepare. It will really help your child to know what is going to happen on that first day.

5) Create a homework station for your children. You could even buy a desk from consignment and decorate or paint it. While you’re at it create a command center for yourself to keep all your notes and signed papers and other school materials organized. Check Pinterest for homework station and command center ideas.

6) Work on getting your child’s supplies organized before the year starts. Use hooks for each child’s book bag to help with organization. Grab some buckets, baskets & hooks from places like Lowes and Michael’s Craft Store or take a trip to Ikea in Charlotte NC for a ton of organization ideas.

7) Organize your child’s clothes for the first few days or even the entire week. Pick every outfit out on Sunday afternoon and lay them out or hang them up for the week. It will get rid of any “I didn’t want to wear that!” or “Where’s my new shirt?” type of battles… well, let’s hope so! 

8) If your child doesn’t eat breakfast at school, be sure to start their day out right with a great breakfast at home. Check Pinterest for make-ahead frozen breakfast ideas that are easy and ready to go.

9) The morning of the first day, have a special gift for you child. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A great book or pack of fun pencils might be all that you want to do. 

10) Start fresh with a positive attitude!Welcome to our new website.
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